We offer a Host of Benefits

Save Thousand of Dollars on Unwanted Repairs
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We offer a Host of Benefits

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Trust In us

In business parlance, especially in the case of warranties, it’s important that a company builds trust.After all, trust is a priceless commodity:
So why should you Trust in Our Auto Warranties?
100% money back guarantee
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What is an Auto Warranty?

Auto warranty is a tool that will help you out once the warranty of your car manufacturer expires. If this is the case, then there is no protection between you and vehicle repair. Choosing an auto warranty will save you from the associated costs of parts replacement, repair, and labor, as well as, ancillary taxes.

Why Choose your Auto Warranty over that of Others?

We are an experienced and reputed auto warranty company, and our ever increasing client base will prove to you that you can have complete confidence in our services in this regards. As a company, we are known for our financial stability and we ensure that we are there with you, till the time that you are paid your dues/claims.

Are your Auto Warranties Insured?

Yes, our auto warranties are insured and our company has the kind of financial stability that allows us to insure our warranties. We do realize that insurance offers the kind of peace of mind that is essential for a happy life, as your insurance will pay for all the repairs done on your vehicle.

What is, and do you offer, Wear and Tear Coverage?

We do provide ‘wear and tear’ coverage, which is a warranty for parts that can break or wear out. All the parts covered by our warranty include the provision for wear and tear, and the great part about it is that your part does not have to break for it to be covered, but a premature wearing out, is also covered by the auto warranty.

When does the Auto Warranty period begin?

Unlike many other companies, we offer no in-service date program and your auto warranty period begins when you buy the auto warranty. We do advise you to be wary of those companies that start your coverage period right from the day you purchased your vehicle and the number of miles on the odometer.

Where Do I take my vehicle for repairs?

You can take your vehicle to a repair facility almost anywhere in the United States. Our extensive database of numerous repair facilities that are a part of our network, are available in all corners of the country. Moreover, if you don’t find one, it is our responsibility to find a repair facility that you can reach quickly and with ease.

What are the Kinds of Benefits You Offer?

When you suffer a mechanical breakdown, our company is there for you needs even before the filing of the claim. We offer you the most comprehensive auto coverage, and one of the speediest claims handling available in the industry. We offer you 24 x 7 assistance and with our benefits you will never be stranded on the road with no one to call.

One of the biggest benefits that we offers is our fully insured agreement that gives you protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a problem with the vehicles, and want to file a claim, then just call our helpline number and we will be with you in no time at all. Our assistance is not limited to claims but we will also help you out in case your car needs a tow, or has run out of gas. We don’t charge for these services. If you are a member, you get free benefits.

What is the Payment procedure for claims?

You are given the choice of the repair facility, meaning you can either choose the dealer, or your local mechanic, or even a national chain of repair shops. All you need to do is present you membership card to the service professional and he or she will contact the claims department.

This is a no-paperwork, no-money, and no-claim limit, procedure that is a great choice for all your auto warranty needs.

Do you need extended warranty?

Whether you go for extended auto warranty or not is your choice, but there are various reasons why an extended warranty is such a good idea. As an investment, your vehicle is one of your biggest ones, and the fact that you are going for an extended warranty, means that you have the resources to keep your vehicle in the best of mechanical condition. Moreover, we offer a transferable warranty which leads to the increase of the resale value of your vehicle.

Can I Cancel My Warranty?

Your warranty agreement will have all the details about refunds. If you cancel your warranty within 30 or 60 days, you will be able to get a complete refund. If you cancel it after 60 days then you are eligible for a pro rata refund based on the unused portion of the contract.